Welcome To FRD

Welcome to the Foundation for Religious Diplomacy (FRD) website where we promote attitudes and actions that build trust and friendship between honorable religious or ideological critics and rivals. There is much to enjoy on this site. I suggest visiting the Programs and Methods sections first to understand why and how we promote religious or ideological diplomacy. Especially note the practical ethical guidelines for heart and mind conversations that we call The Way of Openness.

You can check out the Chapters section to learn about the intra and interreligious activities of the growing FRD Chapters. Only a few Chapters are up and posting, but more will be coming soon. We are still mourning our friend and Buddhist Chapter custodian, Kyogan Carlson, who passed away several years ago.

FRD has in the past few years invested heavily in a start-up public benefit company called WorldTable PBC (worldtable.co).  It is an engagement software that improves the quality of public online conversations especially for digital journalism.  It provides two-way communication on difficult subjects between journalists and a reliable public that is free of trolls.

Whatever your background, if you have a desire to engage in healthy communication with those who may not share your worldview or religious allegiances, you will enjoy your experience using the simple methods developed by FRD.  We believe that peaceful tension between trustworthy rivals is a prudent social goal–not tranquil consensus–given the inevitable contestation between people with strongly different perspectives.  FRD associates and partners frequently disagree about many important things, but we try hard to promote good will as we seek more truth together.

Again, welcome to FRD.

Charles Randall Paul